Let's starts with why.

Turning into 22 soon, I have a sense of urgency to get a higher throughput of my execution. When I have time to think, there are always interdisciplinary ideas in my head, but the thoughts that I have are often unorganised. I will probably forget about them within hours. The best solution is to form connections with other ideas and take initiatives to build something fun.This blog was meant to be a scratch pad whenever I want to write down something.

Be warned: High quality posts are almost non-existent in this website. It was more like a graveyard 👻 for random thoughts and crazy ideas.



I have been following Wait But Why written by Tim Urban for quite a while. His posts are informative and fun in a nerdy way, attracting millions of people reading it in great details. Even Elon Musk was a reader, and did an exclusive interview with him back in 2015. And in turn he did a 5 posts series on Tesla, SpaceX posts etc.

As a loyal reader, I will try to write some posts similar nature. But given the time it takes, it will be great if I could write one before 2017 arrives...


Another Tim that inspires me takes a more radical approach. Tim Ferris is one of my favourite authors in the online space. Investors of multiple start ups and a data geek, he interviews top performers from all fields and advocates Silicon Valley-style weird things. He even has his own TV shows on TV channel and iTunes to talk about accelerated learning, which I might try to test it on myself as well.
The waiting list of experiments:

  • accelerated learning for languages/physics/genetics
  • quantified self (sleep/calories/glucose level(?)))
  • low-carb diet with Muscle Gain
  • optimise VO2 max for trail running

There will be code snippets for my small projects. Right now I am taking courses on Functional Programming (Haskell), Machine Learning. Also chatbots and watchOS apps look fun as well.

Let's see how it goes!