Variants of Gööp opener

This article is to catalog the different versions I have made from v1-v5.
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alt using AnyCubic 4max[1]. As you can see the surface printlines are relatively coarse. The finishing was not completely clean as well. But the major problem is that the opener is way too thick to keep in a wallet or pocket. Therefore I tried scaling in v2.


but it turns out to be a complete failure, using wanhao duplicator i3 plus [2]


I decide to start from scratch instead as cutting some of the width because it would be faster. The print is a lot more smooth using Ultimaker 3 [3].
alt alt v3 is on the right (dimension 48.8 x 62.7 x 6.0mm)


In v4 I further refine some of the details of the logo, 'cube jai' reliefs, corners and inner pockets etc.


After printing a dozen of bottle openers 😂, I started making variants of openers
- UV

Simply buy a bottle of fluorescent sprays and then spray on it. The result is pretty good, except the surface would be gather dust easily

  • Laser Cut Step 0 Send files
    User Adobe AI to send printing to the laser cutter Epilog Zing 24 Laser[4]. Set DPI, rastor or vector, speed and power etc.
    Step 1 Calibrate Z
    calibrate reset xy Step 2 Trial run
    trial Step 3 Cut