Quantified self 1st trial: Running data

What's the best excuse to buy the new Apple Watch 2? ( yes it is Apple Watch instead of iWatch. Steve Jobs will jump out of the grave if you call it iWatch )

For science.

Series 2 offers GPS, water proof features on top of the optical heart rate sensors from version 1. These three features could be useful for documenting meaningful running performance data. (Whether it is accurate is another story). The watch has shipped a month ago and I have started to use it for a while.

So far it's easy and intuitive to use during running. Although I have yet to find a way to export the data, I want to build a dash board that update whenever the watch pushes new workout to the cloud. Here's a prototype of what I have in mind for now.

(highchart sample)

For sleep data, I downloaded Pillow for Apple Watch. It's full of bugs and charges me for the data I log. But I still log three weeks of sleep into it because it's the only offering for now. Is there anyone want to fill the gap?

[dev note] this did not work because I didn't put jquery before highcharts lol


putting jQuery3.0  in header  
put high charts in footer  
not sure if it loads 1.0 or 3.0 jQuert

find a new way of replacing $ with jQuery when there are conflicting javascript framework